Hello Boyz – 2015 AQHA/APHA Filly


Glacier Valley Circuit  July 2 & 3 2016.

This is her very first AQHA show and she presented herself like a seasoned horse. Hard to believe that she is only 13 months old here. We are blessed to have come home with 4 Grands and 6 points in this 2 day circuit. In 5 weeks we will be hitting our target show the Zone 1 Paint Circuit in Albany OR with 6 judges. Wish us luck 🙂 .

Fancy at our show 2016


Fancy had a very ruff trip down to Albany OR. She was so stressed from the trip that I honestly believe that she lost the 75 pounds i put on her for this show. She never did settle and pretty much ran into the rig for the trip home. I strongly feel that IF she would have settled in better and didn’t lose her weight, we would have placed much higher. I’d like to thank everyone who approached us in the holding pen and outside expressing their thoughts and how they had put her 3rd overall all classes. Being only 14 months of age, she was most certainly the youngest one out there. Now time for her to enjoy the summer being a horse then prep for 2017 show season.

Amateur All Ages – 18 shown and we received 7th over all with highest placing of 4th from Brendon Brown and 6th from Jodi Finkenbinder. This class had some absolutely massive mares in it so I am extremely pleased with how Fancy showed. We received our first APHA points – 4. Its a great start to her career.

NW Paint Horse Championship Class –

1st (Brendon Brown), 2nd (Jodi Finkenbinder), 3-3rds and 5th to which put us 3rd over all.


Fancy at 13 days old I just new she had a bright future ahead of her.

Hello Boyz Front

photo taken Nov 11th 2015 at 5 months 1 week of age

Fancy Feb 16 2016 at 8.5 months of age.

fancy gorgeous head