Malibutique 2014 ~ Sold to COSTA RICA

Sired by OBVIOUSLY IM KIDDIN aka “Peaches” is a first foal out of Malibu Gone Wild. And what a filly she is. Just so feminine, tight topline like her sire, deep heart girth, pretty headed, great shoulder, long croup that ties in low, and great legs. This filly is going to bloom into nothing short of spectacular! And watch how she FLOATS and lifts her shoulder when she’s loping …. just to die for.   peaches days old Days old   peaches 3 weeks old  peaches pretty head peaches 2 months old2 months old CONGRATULATIONS TO ARNOLDO BEECHE OF COSTA RICA ON HIS PURCHASE OF THIS EXTRAORDINARY FILLY. THIS FILLY IS GOING TO MAKE A PHENOMENAL OUTCROSS TO YOUR STALLION “A LIL BIT OF TOUCH”.