March 31 2016 — Its a GIRL!!! … the long awaited filly from MY DADS A GUNSLINGER is here and what a baby she is. The two images are taken at just hours old. Will update on her own page as she develops.



January 30th 2016 – Its a BOY.. and a CROP OUT! This is Icandee’s (ziva’s) first foal and what a foal she produced & he is sired by OBVIOUSLY IM KIDDIN. These images here are of GIBBS at 20 mins old. His white patch on his belly is already over 2 inches long. This outs-cross program that I researched and tried is now verified. Success!!! Gibbs will be registered into both APHA/APHA under I KIDD U NOT.

1 hour old just learning to stand

ziva with her baby



May 29th 2015 – ITS ANOTHER GIRL and a CROP OUT  to boot!!! thinking that this mare was over due and going to give me a colt … but holy man what a filly I got! Photo’d here just after getting up and 1 day old. This filly is going to be Double Registered AQHA/APHA.

fancy just born May 29th 2015

fancy 1 day old


May 17th 2015 – ITS A GIRL!!! Finally after 6 long years waiting A BETTER TOUCH gives me my girl. She is photo’d here at 1 day old and has a lot of unfolding to do. Such a largely built filly. Deep deep heart girth, large long hip, short back, long neck, pretty head with perfect straight legs that shows lots of length to the cannon. Coolie is NOT for sale. She will be my future show/broodmare.

coolie at 1 day old


March 28th 2015 – Malibu Gone Wild produces us and absolutely exquisite colt with so much mass, deep heart-girth, gorgeous little head, and legs that goes for miles!!!  These photos are of him at 1 hour old. Will update as he develops.

lacy's 2015 colt just born

lacy's 2015 colt 4 hours old


Huge Congratulations to Tish Lamothe on the birth of this exquisite baby girl. This long awaited filly is just what Tish wanted. Check out that head … OMG! This adorable filly is sired by Double Mocca Skip out of a  Quincy Dan/Mito Commander mare.  More pictures to come as she develops.

tish filly 2015

received this updated photo of Josee … she is 2 months old here. Just had her 1st bath and loves to show herself off. Look at all that natural muscle …. Spectacular!

josee Tishs filly


January 2015 – Huge congratulations to Arnoldo Beeche and family in Costa Rica on the birth of Xtacy’s bay filly. She is simply gorgeous and I cannot wait to see more pictures of her as she blooms. zoe filly in costa rica 2015